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Springtime for Senior Caregivers

Nevermind that it’s still snowing outside. Let’s talk of Spring!

Whatever the thermometer reads, Spring is just a few days away, and with it come opportunities to kick in some new routines for your senior loved one.

Those of us who live in New England know how this works. As the snow melts and the outdoors become more conducive to human activity, we burst outside full of gratitude. Suddenly, we are no longer homebound. Suddenly, we can stroll outside in comfort and take advantage of the outdoors. Suddenly, our lives are our own.

We use the time to get active again. Maybe we lose a few pounds. Maybe we try out a new restaurant. Maybe we grab dinner in the park.

If you have a senior loved one in the area, they likely understand this rhythm. So you can use the chance to get them to embark on new activities that might help their overall well-being. Do you think that they need more exercise? Suggest taking a walk. Could they use a bit more social interaction? Suggest a stroll to the local senior center. Are they becoming homebound? Find somewhere mobility friendly where they can spend an hour in the sun.

Choosing to vary our routines makes us appreciate our surroundings mindfully. We all benefit from introducing novelty into our lives, so you might enjoy mixing it us with your senior loved one, too!

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