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Help your parents plan for senior living in Boston.

Some aspects of senior living in Boston seem to come naturally. If your parents are getting older, they likely have half a dozen doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and specialists who they see. So they are getting a lot of advice about their health.

But who is advising them on other aspects of their life?

Living for thirty healthy years past the age of retirement is still a new feature of modern life. If you are a typical family, it’s likely that your aging parents are already older than their parents were when they passed way. That means that your parents didn’t have the benefit of learning from their elders how to manage their household as they age.

They could use your help.

Start with a conversation. Ask your parents what their plan is? Do they think that they will stay in their home? What about all those stairs to the bedroom?

Then explore options. Senior living comes in many shapes and sizes for many needs and budgets. Small apartments in senior communities are good for downsizers, but don’t offer much support when medical needs arise. CCRCs offer comprehensive medical options but can be tremendously expensive. The best CCRCs can have multi-year waiting lists, which means that you may have trouble finding a unit if you sign up the moment you need to move.

A good plan looks like a map.

Ideally, your aging parent will have a plan with a few living options to meet a range of needs. The plan might say that these two independent living communities will work for downsizing. It may also call for putting in a reservation at a CCRC just to be safe so that you can get a space when the time is right.

Look up senior transition advisors in your area. They come in all shapes and sizes, from hands-on concierge service providers to government agencies that maintain lists of communities. But they can be excellent resources when navigation the range of options available in your community.

Best Life can help as well. Our experienced staff have helped families age with grace and joy for decades in the Boston area, and we’ve learned a few things during that time. We can help you have the conversation and make a plan, and connect you with the resources to help you do it.

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