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How Does Senior Home Care Work?

If you’ve arrived on this page, you are likely looking for options to help a loved one cope with age-related challenges. Senior home care can be a great solution for maintaining quality of life, and this article will explain how it can work for your family

But first off, good for you. Every family in America will need to discover what options are available to them as they look to help their elder members. Everyone knows that care homes exist, but no one is eager to move into one. Your goal should be to find the senior care option meets your aims for your loved one while maximizing their quality of life.

Senior Home Care

So let’s talk about Senior Home Care. Sometimes called non-medical home care, social care, or companion care, Senior Home Care provides a number of services in your loved one’s home to help them remain independent. Senior Home Care services encompass personal care tasks like bathing, dressing, and hygiene, as well as homemaking tasks like light housekeeping and meal preparation. Importantly, these services are provided by a trained caregiver. Having a caring human in the home with your loved one offers social opportunities, as well as safety supervision.

Other services include medication monitoring and assistance, transportation, and grocery shopping. But the list should never feel complete because the most valuable aspect of home care is its flexibility.

Home Care aides are professional problem solvers. It is their job to ensure that your loved one gets the most out of each day while retaining their dignity and quality of life, and they will constantly find new ways to pitch in and help out. As your loved one’s needs and desires change, their home care services will adapt as well.

The Benefits of Senior Home Care

There are many benefits to providing Senior Home Care for your loved one. First, they get to remain at home. Amidst health challenges, moving into a care home can involve risks of senior decline in an unfamiliar environment. Our homes are our castles, and maintaining a senior at home can give them a sense of pride, purpose, and optimism that is conducive to their well-being.

Beyond quality of life, Senior Home Care is usually much less expensive than moving into a senior facility. No one’s savings last forever, so using Senior Home Care to delay a move into a costly care home can provide financial flexibility down the road.

Senior Home Care is delivered on an hourly basis, which means that you can start with a small amount and increase or decrease care as needed over time.

How to Get Started

All Senior Home Care decisions should start with a conversation with a trusted agency. Best Life provided telephone consultations and follows up with in-home conversations.

Our Care Managers will meet with your family to hear your goals for your aging loved one. Once we have a picture of the situation, we describe how our services can help. We may not be the right fit, but we are happy to refer families to a more appropriate level of care. When we see a match, we can lay out care goals and set a care schedule.

Families can decide the weekly care schedule based on how much assistance they want to provide, and then service can begin.

Every engagement will begin with a Health and Wellness Assessment, where a Case Manager gets a complete picture of the client’s needs. From there Best Life can write a detailed care plan that guides our care. Family members and the client can review the care plan and provide input as they wish.

Once the care plan is complete, Best Life will match your loved one with one of our loving caregivers. We match based on care needs, experience, and personalities to ensure an enjoyable yet professional relationship care develop. Our caregivers will work every week according to the schedule you’ve indicated to help your loved one meet their care goals.

The Bottom Line

Senior Home Care from Best Life is a great option for families who want to help their loved one thrive amidst the challenges of aging.  Often preferable to a care home, let’s have a conversation about how we can help your loved one live their Best Life at home.


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