The Best In Boston Senior Home Care Requires the Best Team

With Best Life, you get a Home Care team – motivated by caring, backed by nurses, and guided by research.

A Team Approach Ensures Great Boston Senior Home Care

Caring for a loved one requires more than an individual. It takes a team of people with diverse skills to deliver the kind of home care that will allow your loved one to live their Best Life by overcoming their current challenges. The Best Life Team is composed of Nurse Wellness managers, Care Givers, and Professionals who work together to design and implement the kind of Boston Senior Home Care that can change lives.

Home Care Team

Wellness Managers

Your loved one’s Wellness Manager, an experienced Registered Nurse, has the knowledge and capability to coordinate care that can improve the whole person wellness of your loved one. Wellness Managers get to know each client like a neighbor through frequent visits, and have the expertise to design  individualized Wellness Plans to help them manage their health and wellness to help them live the Best Life.

Wellness and Care Givers

Excellence is their watchword. Best Life’s Wellness and Care Givers are experienced Home Health Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, and home care aides. Each is hand selected from among the best applicants in the Boston area and expertly trained in the latest in wellness and home care techniques to be a member of the Best Life Team. Each of our loving care givers has a habit of service to others at the core of their life story. All of our home care staff are thoroughly screened, trained, and insured before they begin service.

Best Life is proud to consider each of our caregivers a partner in our quest to spark lives, and is proud to provide each caregiver with a living wage and benefits.

Professional Staff

Best Life’s professional staff members are critical members of the Best Life Team. Our staff stays abreast of the latest in medical research to provide the latest in assessment and intervention tools for our clients. Our scheduler matches Care Givers and clients, ensuring complete coverage of client needs. Our training staff helps the Best Life Team keep its skills sharp. And our HR team ensures that our Care Givers are the best in Boston.

Our Management Team

  • Loren Crowe
    Loren Crowe President

    Loren Crowe is the President and Founder of Best Life. Loren has worked with the home care industry nationwide and is passionate about improving the aging experience. Prior to founding Best Life, Loren was an Army Officer and served as the Executive Officer of the Fort Hood Resiliency Campus which specialized delivering whole-person wellness services to members of the local community. A combat veteran awarded two Purple Hearts, Loren has a passion for wellness and an unshakable belief in human ability to thrive in the midst of challenges. Loren is a graduate of Harvard Business School, and founded Best Life to help Massachusetts families support aging loved ones so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

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